hi guys
newbie here
trying to create my own webmail pop3 checker for my site but cant find a tutorial. any chance any of u know the basic commands or know atutorial

noojam55 :cry:

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Look here for a total overview of a winsock control tutorial and here for a sample of a mail checker application

thanks was after PHP one actually - sorry for confusment


Second kudos for SquirrelMail. It was easy for me to setup. Had to tweek my services on the linux box a bit to accept imap connectivity, but it works for me. Web interface has a lot of customizations too, such as colors and how often it should check the email box. Was impressed.


Accessing and sending commands to a pop account was one of the most difficult things I have done in PHP. There is an object out there that I found that did most of the hard work for me, but even using that object got hairy at times.

Try these resources to see where they lead you

Good luck, when I tried this a few years back I got a migraine after a few days of bad programming and grabbed an out of the box solution.

Php name
  1. 10
  2. 20
  3. 30100
    <10 though>

I know wat u talk but hard to find solution

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