I am designing a small advertisement management program in asp, and Sql Server 2000 as database.

My table has the following fields which are pretty self explanatory:

bannerId, bannertitle, bannerurl, imageURL, bannerpirority

bannerId = Autoincrement to generate unique id for a banner ad
bannertitle = String title of the banner
bannerurl = URL where the image is linked
imageURL = URL of the image file
bannerpirority = pirority of the banner to be displayed (1 = lowest, 5 = highest)

Now, I want to display the banner on a page based on its pirority, like if there are 3 banners A, B, C which have the pirority 1,2,3 respectively so banner C should be displayed more times as compared to banner B. Banner B should be displayed more times then banner A

Hope you got me, its like the more pirority a banner gets, the more its being displayed.

I am using the following SQl Query but I dnt think its the proper logic, can u plz help me?

select top 1 * from tbl_banner_management order by newid(), bannerpirority desc

Thanx in advance for your help.

You have to use a random display script, so that the banners are all displayed. In order to give them a higher priority, I would create a record set, in which you have each "highest priority" banner three times, the middle priority ones two times, and the lowest priority ones one time. Then you can use a simple random banner display script. This way the highest priority is shown three times more than the lowest priority.


I have not yet received a satisfying reply so far :(

Ok lets tweak this a lil bit.

we can have a percentage based ad management system.

Like I have 3 banners in my database.

Banner A - To receive 50% Views
Banner B - To receive 30% Views
Banner C - To receive 20% Views

So suppose I refresh the page 10 times, I should get the following views of my banners

Banner A - 5 views
Banner B - 3 views
Banner C - 2 Views

Can u guys help me with this?

Thanx in advance

This is a simple calculation, you have 10 views in total (build a table with 10 rows), 5 of them are Banner A (fill up five rows with the URL of banner A), 3 Banner B (Fill up 3 rows with Banner B), and 2 with banner c (And the two remaining with banner C. Now, each time a visitor visits this page, the next banner is shown.

Write this as a code, and there you go.