This has been driving me mad for a few hours now.

I have created a web application in VWD Express which has tested fine on localhost. I have now transferred this to a test server. Every time I click on anything that causes a postback a 404 Error - File could not be found is displayed.

The postbacks do not cause a redirect but instead just rebuild the current page. Having checked the web log there is a message to say <Rejected_By_Urlscan>.

I am guessing this is a permissions problem on the IIS Server, but being new to publishing and server admin I do not know what needs correcting.

Please help.



After a pointer in another forum, I checked the URLScan Log in '\WINNT\system32\inetsrv\urlscan' folder and found the message 'Sent verb 'POST', which is not specifically allowed. Request will be rejected.'
I then amended the urlscan.ini file and added POST to the allowed verbs, restarted IIS and hey presto postbacks work!
Now to get on with the rest of the testing.
Thanks again,