Is there a way to retain the value of radio button during paging in ASP?

you can save value into session and use it each time

Or if it's part of the form submission then pick it up from the request.form. If it is outside of the submitted form, or it's not a form being submitted, then use javascript to add it to the URL

Okay guys.
Thanks for the help, i really apreciate it.
I store the radio button value into a table.
I pass some variable through the querystring, so it doesnt matter if we move a page to another. The variable is needed to read the radio button value.
So the paging will read from the very first record on the table.

Well there is another problem though, i use javascript's time limitation. But it will stop when the page is being refreshed.
Can we disable the refresh button in our page?

What about using a cookie to hold the value. You could use either ASP or javascript

What about using a cookie to hold the value. You could use either ASP or javascript

Okay, well im not really familiar with cookies.
Is it different to session?
Which one is more sufficient to use?

Assume if we have ten questions, so there will be 10 cookies keys to hold the values?
Im sorry the cookies thing dont ring me a bell yet, can you give me a little description of this.

Very similar except cookies reside on the client computer. Keeps the server from doing all the work and slowing it down. If you have 10 session variables and 20 users logged in, the server will have to keep up with 200 variables + the overhead associated with it.

The cookie puts a small 'text note' on the client computer which can hold settings, user name, etc. The cookie can be accessed from any page of your website, and since its on the client computer, it keeps the load off of your server.