I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. I am learning JavaScript and am lost. Can someone please offer guidance. :confused:

<html><!--Kimberly R. Owens-->
<title>Jennifer's Floral Garden</title>
<!--Hide from old browsers

function roller() {
var banner = new Array("images/florist.jpg", "images/florist2.jpg", "images/florist3.jpg");
var banctr = '0'
if (banctr == '3')  {
banctr = '0'
banctr = banctr + 1

function floralPrice(myform) {
var floral = new Array ("Select a floral piece","Please call for special prices","18.95 a dozen","7.95 a dozen","25.95 a set");
var itemsSelect = myform.FloralList.selectedIndex
myform.PiecePrice.value = floral[itemSelect]


<body onload="roller()">

<table border="1" width="100%">
<td width="40" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
<p align="center"><img src="FloralLogo.jpg" width="184" height="200"></td>
<td width="30%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
<p align="center"><img src="Rose2.jpg" width="131" height="126"></td>
<td width="30%" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><h2>
<font color="#008040">Talk with our award winning floral designer and nationally renowned landscape artist. </font></h2>
<td width="40"><img src="filler.jpg" Name="Bannerspot" width="275" height="75"></td>
<td width="60%" colspan="2">
<FORM NAME="FloralMenu">
<SELECT Name="FloralList" onchange="floralPrice(FloralMenu)">
<Option>Select a Floral Piece</Option>
<Option>Call for special orders</Option>
<Option>A dozen roses</Option>
<Option>A dozen carnations</Option>
<Option>Birthday Greeting</Option>
Cost:<input type="text" value=" " Name="PiecePrice" size=15>


I am learning JavaScript and am lost.

Yes, you are lost. This is a JSP forum, not javascript. ;)

Plus, you haven't asked a question. If you did, I might be able to answer it.

Plus, you haven't asked a question. If you did, I might be able to answer it.

My question is: What am I doing wrong. I followed the instructions but when I opened the document I keep getting errors. I fixed some and I keep getting one on the line where I added the onload in the <Body> but nothing looks wrong to me. I also get an error saying that say FatCal is not defined but again I keyed what I was given looked at a few books but I am lost.