Hello all..

we can execute php files from the command line interface...

but do we have anything using which we can execute the command line cmds from our php file??

Plz help soon..

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hey wat sort of reply was this??

Look at the link!

i used exec and shell_exec to execute command from php but i use path to execute then their is nothing to display.

i try to convert ppt to swf for that i want to use command.

any body help me.

Even though it is a related question, you should have probably started a new thread since you are asking a new specific question.

If you have a local program that will convert ppt to SWF and you can provide it with parameters from the PHP program, then you can probably do it. Is there some particular reason / advantage to running it from PHP rather than just doing it manually?

don't worry i will give birth to this article . it is possible but it is difficult

We can execute php file on linux command prompt using 'php' command.

for example,

php generateList.php

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