Hey everyone. Im trying to make an online RPG where you can join "Families" or clans. I the code below is what I have thus far. It works but for some reason it wont update the creating users "family_id" in the database thus not telling the server that he is associated with any family. Can anyone take a look at the below code and help me out? Thanks.

<!--Add new family page-->

<form action="process.php" method="POST">
    Family Name:<br>
    <input type="text" name="familyname" maxlength="30" value="<?php echo $form->value("familyname"); ?>"><?php echo $form->error("familyname"); ?>
    Family Description:<br>
    <textarea name="familydesc" rows="6" cols="50" value="<?php echo $form->value("familydesc"); ?>"></textarea><?php echo $form->error("familydesc"); ?><br>
    <input type="hidden" name="subnewfamily" value="1">
    <input type="submit" value="Create new family">
    function procNewFamily()
        global $session, $form;
        //New family creation attempt
        $retval = $session->newFamily($_POST['familyname'], $_POST['familydesc']);
        //New family creation successfull
            $_SESSION['newfamily'] = true;
            header("Location: index.php?page=familyinfo");
        //Error found with form
            $_SESSION['newfamily'] = false;
            $_SESSION['value_array'] = $_POST;
            $_SESSION['error_array'] = $form->getErrorArray();
            header("Location: index.php?page=newfamily");
    function newFamily($subname, $subdesc)
        global $database, $form;  //The database and form object
        //Family name error checking
        $field = "familyname";
            $form->setError($field, "* Please enter a Family Name.");
        //Family description error checking
        $field = "familydesc";
            $form->setError($field, "* Please enter a description.");
        if($form->num_errors > 0)
            return false;  //Errors with form
            $database->addNewFamily($subname, $subdesc, $this->username, $this->userid);
            return true;
    function addNewFamily($family_name, $family_desc, $username, $userid)
        //Create new family
        $q = "INSERT INTO ".TBL_FAMILIES." VALUES ('$family_name', '0', '$family_desc', '$userid')";
        mysql_query($q, $this->connection);
        //Get family ID
        $q = "SELECT family_id FROM ".TBL_FAMILIES." WHERE family_name = '$family_name'";
        $id = mysql_query($q, $this->connection);
        //Update creating users family ID associating him with that family
        //$this->updateUserField($username, 'family_id', $id);
        $q = "UPDATE ".TBL_USERS." SET family_id = '$id' WHERE username = '$username'";
        return mysql_query($q, $this->connection);

I think the last part in database.php is where I'm going wrong. it seems right to me but it wont update the field "family_id" in TBL_USERS. TBL_USERS has been properly defined in constants.php which is included at the top of database.php. Anyy suggestions?? Thanks.

what is the field type for family_id in your database. If it is an integer then you are trying to add a string and '$id' remove the ' and see if that makes any difference.

Ahh i figured it out. I had to do this:

$q = "SELECT family_id FROM ".TBL_FAMILIES." WHERE family_name = '$family_name'";
        $id = mysql_query($q, $this->connection);
        $id = mysql_fetch_array($id);
        $id = $id['family_id'];

Thanks for the help.