i want to ask if anyone knows how to do this..

i have a datagrid at my "home.aspx" with attribute 'Survey Title' and 'Description'
i also have an edit button that will redirect user to "surveyeditor.aspx"
in "surveyeditor.aspx", there are 2 textbox..which can be used to edit the 'Survey Title' and 'Description'

how to get the Survey Title and Description data so that when "surveyeditor.aspx" page loads, the value Survey Title and Description from previos page appear into the textboxes...(all the user have to do is to edit from the textbox)

can this be done?

please somebody guide me...

Simply pass values in querystring like:


To accomplish this in gridview use this in your edit button navigation path:

surveyeditor.aspx?title=<%# Eval("Title")%>&Description=<%# Eval("Description")%>

thanks ManicCW

but how can I call the Title & Description to be in the textbox?

Me.MyTitle.Text = Request.Querystring("Title").ToString
Me.MyDescription.Text = Request.Querystring("Description").ToString

Btw. Looks like you need to go through basics of asp.net programming.

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