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Im a new member in this site. Seems very resourceful.

My first question is what is really .NET framework? Although quite programming background, I'm not very experienced with Vstudio and now this .NET (which I just purchased with aim to learn something) is a little unclear to me. Any examples of where .NET is used?

I'm interested in learning ASP (or ASP.NET) and PHP. I want to create a sample site using these (say, job bank site or anything). Does anyone have some advice on where should I start?

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Quote from Microsoft "What Is the Microsoft .NET Framework?" Page:

What Is the Microsoft .NET Framework?

May 12, 2003

The Microsoft® .NET Framework is an important new component of the Microsoft Windows® family of operating systems. It is the foundation of the next generation of Windows-based applications that are easier to build, deploy, and integrate with other networked systems.

Most consumers will never notice that the .NET Framework is running on their Pocket PC, smartphone, or desktop computer. But they may appreciate the reliability, ease of use, and ability to connect to other systems that the .NET Framework helps bring to computers.

The .NET Framework helps software developers and systems administrators more easily build and maintain systems with improvements toward performance, security, and reliability.

For more information, check out the page, here.

Anytime you see the word framework in software development, it means it's a collection of things to make your job easier. The simplest answer I could give you is that the .NET framework is a collection of tools to make software development better, easier, and faster. It comes with an array of languages (C#, VB.NET, J#, to name a few), compilers, pre-made code and utilities in classes, controls, assemblies, etc. With these tools, if you wanted to create a server, for example, there would be already code available in that's part of the framework to make your job easier. Thus the word "framework" because you've used all these tools to build something.

Best place to start would be http://asp.net.

Also for PHP.NET compiler checkout http://www.php-compiler.net It looks like a cooll new thing that is about to come out were you can take existing php compile it under .NET and bam you have a php web application with increased speed and performanc over that of the traditional php application that is intrepreted. They have benchmarks on their site so check that out too.