I've been lurking on DaniWeb for a while now and have finally got round to registering, particuarly after realising it had a Ruby forum.

I've been playing with Ruby for a couple of months now and am in love with its common sense approach to programming, and makes the likes of Java look archaic in their mannerisms.

Basically, I'm interesting in getting a community driven Ruby project running, and would like a show of hands from anyone who'd be interested in such a thing.

Once we've got a small team together on paper, we could throw around some ideas.

Here's just one off the top of my head:

A project management system written entirely in Ruby that manages the development of a website/webapp in Ruby (the website/webapp being the 'front-end' of the system), with developers being able to log in, mess about with a portion of the app (which is seperate from the live version), then await other users to okay his or her changes and/or make appropriate changes. Basically, SourceForge on Rails ;) If successful, people could then use the system to drive collaborative websites run by a team of OpenSource developers.

Come on, get involved! :mrgreen:

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i attempted to make a CMS using ruby on rails before if you want a bit of help

All help will be greatly received squire! Seems this forum is a tad quiet tho :/

I would like to help!

After some googling, ive found that many such projects are available in perl but none in ruby...

how & when are we gonna start this then?

how & when are we gonna start this then?

Just waiting for (hopefully) some more people to show an interest, I'm heading back to Uni tomorrow so next week would be a good time to get cracking. What say you?

Anyway, we can get started on the small stuff in the mean time, that is, learning about each other. What's everybody's skill set/experience? How much time would you be able to dedicate to the project? Any past experience that you can show us? Any project ideas?

I've dabbled in lots of languages, but with a focus being upon Java. I've been dabbling in Ruby for a few months on and off and have recently had the time to get to grips with it seriously, loving it so far! It's worlds apart from the likes of Java/C++ in the fact that I won't spend half-a-day trying to work out an obscure syntax or method call error.

So, over to you :)

well ive got a wee server on my LAN set up for playing about with LAMP. I suppose i could put ruby on it and do some testing?

well ive got a wee server on my LAN set up for playing about with LAMP. I suppose i could put ruby on it and do some testing?

Indeed, get it installed, head over to this article and get started, tis how I took my first tentative steps! :twisted:

Report back with findings! ;)

My main skill area is PHP & MySQL. I am also competent with Ajax. I don't have any online examples that I can show you at present.

An application I built previously was for my work - basically input of data via a web browser inserting into a MySQL DB.

Forgot to give my availability - I can work from around 9:00pm - 12:30 - 1am all week practically.

I enjoy designing UI's aswell as coding.

To iam & jbennett - are you both running linux? Im only running Window$ XP with Instant Rails 1.7.

Ive got linux (CentOS and Debian Etch) as well as XP running XAMPP (easy lamp system) and Abyss Web Server. Abyss is great btw as it gives ASP.NET capability to systems without IIS like XP home.

If you want a good web based SQL database admin tool then take a look at phpmyadmin

I have used phpmyadmin. For SQL administration stuff I use Navicat MySQL and MySQL Administrator.

I use phpmyadmin when administering my personal website.

Has anyone got any ideas for a project / application name yet?

A ruby project management system?

Rubyforge maybe?

Rubyforge already exists. How about "corundum".

Corundums are little pieces of gem stones - put together make a ruby. This what a project management system would be - putting little pieces of "corundums" together to make a completed "RUBY" project!!!

thats a cool name. might get confused with conundrum though (a problem)

Ah! Never thought of that!! DAMN!

Uh, oh it would appear there is already a good ruby on rails PMS here: http://www.basecamphq.com/

Uh, oh it would appear there is already a good ruby on rails PMS here: http://www.basecamphq.com/

The rails framework is based on Basecamp

Sorry for not posting in a while, been ill since the weekend. Will be back online in the next couple of days :)


I would be happy to help with anything. I would recommend using GUI for the project, namely TK, as this has been given a whole chapter of its own and commended in one of the leading ruby books, Programming Ruby. What also helps is that the GUI works with Java, C# and Perl (amongst others) if we decide to get multi-language.

Well , i am currently working on a side project, a PHP/Mysql cms.

Hi guys I'm also looking to get involved in some small RoR project. Let me know if your still moving ahead with your project.


I'm an experienced web developer looking to add a project or two to my portfolio to enable me to chase after some Rails work. I haven't been around web development long, but have thrown myself at it whole heartedly and have gained experience with PHP, Perl, Python, XHTML/CSS, Javascript, C, MySQL, MSSQL and ASP.net fairly rapidly. Although my work typically lies in creating the actual framework, I've found a nice break with ruby on rails which allows me to focus more on business logic. As a result, I've learned a great deal about authentication and integration of features built upon a backend resource layer. Go ahead and let me know if you guys are going ahead with the project, I'd be glad to help.

@ r3dbranch & ThatsNotJack! this thread is over year old!

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