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Can you please explain what you are referring to a little better?

Vector was like an array that grew as needed, but its performance is not very good, since linkedlist has been enhanced and performance is better, many professionals who have tested these recommend the use of a linkedlist over Vector pretty much all the time...

Now if you wish to pass objects between JSP pages it really depends on how you are working, there are many ways... 1 way is to create a bean that holds the data or objects and then store the bean in a scope, request, session or application which ever is right... you can also place objects in the scope too but it is considered sloppy to place lots of objects into a scope without organizing them into 1 cohesive object... like a bean...

If you forward the request to another page, you can add an object to the request scope and it will die once the response is sent to the user...

Sorry, I can't give you more specific details without more direct knowledge of what you are trying to do...


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