Want to download a .tar.bz2 and extract, then run the file into the database.
Eventually I will be setting up some sort of a crontab job thingmebob, but for the moment, I want to be able to extract the files successfully. I have not touched on streams or system before, and would like to dabble a bit, but am unsure how to do so.

Any help would be appreciated

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so the files in this tar files are sql or what??
could you explain the problem in alittle more detail


the files within the tar/gz are .csv files, with /t seperators.

I already have the script to read the files, and add them to the database, I want to know how to extract the .csv's from the archives first.


dude i checked the php manual and there is a plenty of functions


what these do is open the file and read from and outputs a string of the file contents
since the files are separated by \t it looks an easy job u just need to now where the file names are (maybe the first line)
but i never tried this out
i think the manual could help more

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