I am trying to use the following script for something. [IMG]http://www.kirupa.com/forum/images/smilies/hugegrin.gif[/IMG]

What I have done with this script is that I have a few "loadareas" where the images show up.
So basically I have 3 load areas. "loadarea1", "loadarea2" and "loadarea3". In each load area the default image is a blank gif. But when u click on specific links it changes those blank gifs into another image. For example I have a link "Picture 2" and when I click on it the blank gif in "loadarea2" changes to a specific picture (pic2.gif)

Now the problem I have is that when the user clicks on the above link and the pic changes I need to have the other "loadareas" change back to the blank gif's. So if "loadarea1" had been changed into another picture I now need it to change back to a blank gif when the user clicks on the link for "loadarea2". I hope this makes sense?

Please look at the link to understand how this script works.

If there is a different way of achieving this I would be so grateful for help or tips. Thanks so much. [IMG]http://www.kirupa.com/forum/images/smilies/ermm.gif[/IMG]

Just load the blank .gif file the same way you loaded the image. Since it was already downloaded when the page opened, it won't have to be downloaded again.