i am designing a database using Ms Access and ASP. i have 3 tables in access namely 'PERSONAL', other as 'POLICY' and 3rd one is named as 'STAFF'. in the contact table i have ID, Name, Children as fields. Also in policy table the firlds are:- ID, date_of_policy, no_policy, amount_paid, amount_balance and similarly the 3rd ie., staff has few fields. all three are linked my a common field which is ID

all i want is when the user searches for a perticular name (from frontend) it should search through table- 'PERSONAL' (fields- Name and Children). once it get the perticular name with the help of the ID it should retrive the datafrom both 'POLICY' and 'STAFF' of that perticular name and dispaly on the front end

i do know hoe to search and display data of the same table but i m a bit confused when i have to display data of a perticular name from 2 other table linking with ID.
plz help me its important and urgent

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