var ie4 = (document.all) ? true : false;
var ns4 = (document.layers) ? true : false;
var ns6 = (document.getElementById && !document.all) ? true : false;

function openDesc(text) 
    if (ie4) 
        document.all["Description"].style.visibility = "visible";
        document.all["TitleClose"].style.visibility = "visible"; 
    if (ns4) 
        document.layers["Description"].visibility = "show"; 
        document.layers["TitleClose"].visibility = "show"; 
    if (ns6) 
        document.getElementById(["Description"]).style.display = "block"; 
        document.getElementById(["TitleClose"]).style.display = "block";
    writeToLayer("Description", text);

<a href="javascript:openDesc('<%# Eval("cDescriptionLong") %>');"> Long Desc</a>


Basically what i am trying to do is when ever you press the Long Desc link it will display a div layer that shows the long description of that item. I am sending it a string with the description.

The problem is that in IE (not Firefox) the ASP bound combo boxes are displayed over top the div layer. I tried changing the z-index and using the display properties but nothing worked. any help would be greatly appreciated.

i realize that no one posted on this, but i figured it out anyways.... ummm, thanks?