When i m strating the sql server 2005 , it asks me the server name..
What is the server name that i have to enter for the connection..

normally is localhost or your pc name.

Thanx for the answer but i have tried with localhost and my name of my pc ..but still it is not get connected..Any other suggestions??


when you install sqlserver you have to give a name to the server or leave it as it is.
this is my connection string Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=VAIO\VAIOSQL;Integrated Security=SSPI;Initial Catalog=teadmin , where VAIO\VAIOSQL is the server name. yours must be someting like yourpcname\SQLEXPR ...i don´t know the correct name of the server, but if you know how to go to windows services console, look there for the sqlexpress service and then see it´s properties...the name is there.

hope it helps

Hi Vaishali....

U might from Gujarat i think so...

I have faced this kind of error...

There may be two possibity of the Error..

1.U hav clicked on Windows Authentication while installing SQL Server 2005...

2.U hav not started ur SQL Server service....From ControlPanel-->Adm Tool-->Service start SQL SERVER Express service...

Hope u get Solution.....

There Appears To Be Some Confusion.

The Server Name That You Are Being Asked For Is NOT Necessarily The Name Of Your PC. It Is The Instance Name Of The SQL Server Installation.

NOTE: You Can Have Multiple Installations Of SQL Server On The Same Machine

What Version Of SQL Server Are You Using, 2005 Express ? 2005 Standard ?

Check Out This Link :


Your Machine Name is the Server Name. So Use Your Machine name as a server Name.