<script webstyle4>document.write('<scr'+'ipt src="xaramenu.js">'+'</scr'+'ipt>');document.write('<scr'+'ipt src="tea.js">'+'</scr'+'ipt>');/*img src="tea.gif" moduleid="Tea Project (Project)\tea_off.xws"*/</script>

I have just taken on the maintenance of an existing site that was built using Dreamweaver. I do not use front-end builders, so the code above has me confused. I understand the scripts, but not some of the other stuff.

What is webstyle4?

What is the img and moduleid for?

Are these related to Dreamweaver? What happens if I change them or take them out? (Since Dreamweaver is not used here.)

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webstyle4 is a template pack you can download.

The script is writing some script tags to the page. The code cut the word "script" in half to keep the html browser from trying to parse it.

The image and moduleid are in a comment.


So I could delete the "webstyle4" in the script tag and the entire comment and there would be no harm done?

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