hello everybody!!!

i need to get the file id group , i used afunction filegroup ( filename )
but this function dosen't produce meaningful results on windows system, so you can use a function which resolves this posix_getid( ))but unfortunately this function isn't defined on windows platforms , so ineed to solve my problem on windows i searched on internet for this but results i got gave me the same function which is supported only on unix..

can i work on unix and windows at same time to solve this problem ? , or is there functions that can resolve group id on windows , or a way to understand values returned by the function filegroup()..
please i need ahelp .....
thank you

file group on windows ....?
it doesnt make a sense

To make it more clear , we are designing aweb site , we have a local network in our company , on the local network users have permissions on folders they can't open every thing , what we need is to reflect this on our website there are links on the website which uses these folders
the steps are : we need to get all groups from the ldap , then to get users of each group , so when auser login we can determine in which group he is , then we need to read file permission or( which group uses) this file , now user permissions are determined..
you may say why this effort users can reach folders in local network server , thats right but we are looking for making it also available in their homes ...
i hope that the idea is clear now ..
thank you

why dont u use windows authentication
so when the user log's in the website it asks him about his username and password of windows!
then he can open only permitted folders
just like he is logging into his pc from work
i guess this makes it easier

good idea , ihave no idea how to implement it in php ,i'll do a search for that .

i'll also continue my search on how to get group membership from ldap, to get all groups and their members.

this could be done on the server
u set the access to the folder to be windows authentication
i guess u r using iis as a web server ??

if so it is easy to be done on iis

i now got all groups and all users and everything you need from ldap , there is afree class on internet adldap class ,here is the link :
there is many versions i used version 2.1 in the folder there is a file called examples you can uncomment any script to use it , it uses all function which are defined in adldap file(which is the class), examples.php includes the class , and starts using functions.

you have to open adldap class and edit the connect and bind functions and set them to you'r domain and user name and password.
you have to set you'r info in these lines in the adldap class in the constructor

//connect to the LDAP server as the username/password
if ($this->_use_ssl){
<Here!> $this->_conn = ldap_connect("mydomain.com");
} else {
$this->_conn = ldap_connect($dc);

//bind as a domain admin if they've set it up
if ($this->_ad_username!=NULL && $this->_ad_password!=NULL){
<and here!>
$this->_bind = @ldap_bind($this->_conn,"user@mydomain.com","pw");

//bind as the user
<also here!>
$this->_bind = @ldap_bind($this->_conn,"user@mydomain.com","pw");
if (!$this->_bind){ return (false); }

and because the informations returned sometimes very larg you have to add this line in the begining of the class
which gives 17 mega byte for results .

thank you w_3rabi for you'r help ..

anytime man
and thanks for sharing this class with us