i've used ASP.NET to create a new website using visual studio 2005
but i want to publish this website so that it can be accessible via internet...

i have my domain...

but somebody told me that i need an asp.net host provider...

i don`t know if i bought host provider with my domain!!!
how can i know?

my other question is: is there html host provider?
ot php host provider?
and if there is an html host provider!!
asp.net programs don`t work on those providerS!!!

sorry guys for these silly questions...
i am not even sure if i am asking the right questions
i am a begginer in web designing

there are many different server-side languages:

the main ones:


all web hosts will do plain old HTML but if you want to host ASP.NET sites then you will need an ASP.NET 2 host (ASP.NET 2 will not run on ASP.NET 1 or 1.1 servers)

Not that many hosts offer ASP.NET 2

You can also try out some Indian hosts - they are relatively cheaper - e.g. space2host.com, net4india.com. After you signup for a hosting account (make sure that you sign-up for Windows account with ASP.NET support), they will provide you with login details and DNS (name server) details. You will then need to change your DNS details for your domain using the domain control panel which was provided to you when you registered your domain.

Good luck with customer support with Indian hosting companies!