I found that my code keeps returning the no properties found error once more so I go ahead and try to debug it..

I used an alert box to see what value my component stores.. Unfortunately for me, it said that its value is UNDEFINED..

what is this supposed to mean and how am I supposed to fix it..? its supposed to be an integer..

thanks in advance

It means there is no such value or variable which you are trying to access. Posting some code might shed light on the situation.

Possible causes:
- You executed the alert before defining the variable.
- The variable is local to a different function
- You never gave the variable a value.
- You copied the value of another undefined variable.
- You spellied the variable wrong somewhere.
- You forgot a semicolon, preventing the execution of the statement assigning the value.
- You are trying to access the index of a loop outside the loop.
- You have function call scoping problem (did the function call send the variable, or a pointer to it - common error with arrays).

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