I'm developping a site in arabic, I put the UTF-8 charset, but the arabic chars that are shown correctly in design view become junk in browser view.

text from DB is shown correctly

anu idea?


I think you haven't set your browser to accept the language.
In IE browser go

Tools ---> Internet options ----> In General tab select Languages in History category and add Arabic language .I think it will work.

thanks but no. It wasn't chaned in the localhost.
any other idea? please...

Did you give the Arabic language heighest preference?IF not give heighest preference in browser.

In the page directive of your web page set Culture and UICulture properties according to your culture preference.

I did try to give the heighest preference but it didn't work and I did set the culture and uiCultrue to ar-SA, but no result

unfotunatly I'll have to read all texts from the DB

I don't see other way

thanks again

It sounds like a problem with the browser rendering the font. Let us know if using the DB helps.