I just joined Dani and hope that I'm doing the right thing. I've never participated in a chat room, so help me if I go astray.

I am looking for someone to give me some information on whether or not if there is an off the shelf software product that will allow you to add to your website a T-shirt design feature or do you have the have it developed from scratch. If I'm in the wrong location for this question please direct me to the proper location or persons to address my issue

Dr. G

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Could you be more specific? What would the T-shirt design feature be able to do? Once users have designed the T-shirt, should they be able to buy one and have it shipped to them?

And of course, this is indeed the wrong forum; a more appropriate one would be, probably, the Existing Scripts forum in the Web Development category (I'm not a regular there). Hopefully a moderator will move this...


I do not think this is the wrong forum. It says Web development. The T-Shirt designer would allow customers to choose the color, size and logo that would go on a t-shirt and they would see the results in real time and then they could click on what they want an buy it and it would be shipped to them

Dr. G


I do not think this is the wrong forum. It says Web development.

Yes, you're in the right forum, a mod must have moved your thread.

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