Hello guys!

Anyone that has a framework of a calendar written in ASP.Net please share it with me. Or any site you know that provide free downloads of calendar framework. Thank you very much. Regards to everyone.

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Hello everyone!

I have modified a calendar in ASP.Net. Attached is the sample image of how it looks like. My question is, how will i remove the days of the previous month and next month on the currently displayed month. I have change the color but the fact that i do have different back color for weekend and weekdays so still it displays the days of the previous and next month. Is there a property that is used to remove the days of the previous and next month.
Another is to replace the navigation arrow for the months. Instead of > for next month, this will be replace by an arrow picture. Same case with the <. If you know please help.

Thank you very much. Cheers!

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I don't know about the < and > since it's a text property, but to hide the other month numbers you can set the font size to 0 (here's 2 ways):

<asp:Calendar ID="Calendar1" runat="server" 
        OtherMonthDayStyle-Font-Size="0px" >
        <OtherMonthDayStyle Font-Size="0px" />
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You deserve a +rep for this. I never realised it.

It didnt come to my mind that i have to set the font-size property to zero. what a stupid mind. hahaha. But still i do have problem since the color of DayStyle is highlighted it is viewed in other months. I'll find ways for it. hehehe...

I appreciate your help buddy. Thank you very much.

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