I was looking to solve this problem long time ago.My problem is:
I have a link on jsp page (witch belong to a website ) when I click the link it suppose to give me the open/save/cancel dialog box to choose to open or save the specified file but it didn`t this all the times, i explain more, on an other page i have a submit to upload files on a temporary foledr on the server (.doc, .pdf, .rtf)
when i have the pdf or rtf file it works correctly but with doc files it doesn`t display dialog box it open the fiel as html page so the doc file isn`t correct it is mixed with ascii caracters.
but the real problem is only with IE not with other browsers (firefox, netscap, opera..)
I tryied a lot of thing but still not working, i verify the IE configuration also.
I add mimetype, content type .... :confused:
my link is like this:
<a href="<%=request.getContextPath()%>/tmp/<%=row.get("filename")%>?id=<%=row.get("employee_id")%>" class="gray"> click here </a>

any ideas please.
thanks in advance

I'm not sure I understand your problem. A little more code and clear explanation maybe!

ok I try to clarify:
i have a link when i cilck this link i want to have the dialog box open/save/cancel to have choise to open the file or save it (the files i want to open are in a folder on the server, cv`s file)
but when i click the link but it doesn`t give me the dialog box, it open the file directly as an html page and not like the original file.
my files are (.doc, .pdf,.rtf) the problem is only with doc files with IE
if I click the link with fire fox it alwsys give me the dialog box and after that I open the file in the appropriate program (word, acrobat).
the line code that I gave is the like where I click to have the dialog box to open files
if you need more code please tel me witch part you need.
thanks a lot for your interest.