And I need help with setting up and installing PHP as well. :D

Ok, fact of the matter is, I am SOOOOO lost and confused that I am about to give up on the whole thing!!

I've got the PHP files upload to the hosting site, and I followed the directions for installing it.... and all I got was a message that gave me list of errors that I have NO idea what it means!!

What I'm looking for is somebody that knows how to do this that would be willing to do the set up and install for me and then teach me what I need to do to make changes.

Please let me know if you're willing and able to help.


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please list the uncomprehencible output of your install.. along with os version and other
technicalpsychobabblegoodies. also search the forums. there may be some nuggets of
info for you out there. we need just a little more info

Is the hosting site already supporting PHP, or is it a dedicated server and you are trying to install PHP yourself remotely? :eek:

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