Hello, :) experts out there. First of all, thanks for reading my threads.

I am a junior developer using ColdFusion. I have some doubts here.

When we passing the parameters which is numeric type, then use that variable in another page for query, sometimes will come out with error of CF_SQL_NUMERIC, even we just #trim(variable)#.

When i meet such problem, i always #val(variable)# in order to get back the numeric value. It works if the variable when i have full confidence the variable is a numeric type. But is this the proper way to fix this?? Or anyone can tell me the correct way and the impact by #val()# the variable??

Thanks for help. :mrgreen:

Hi mayoline

Trim() will only remove the leading and trailing spaces. It wont convert string to a number.

Val() will convert those characters in the beginning of a string which can be converted to a number.

Val always returns a number. Even if the conversion fails it will return 0.

Use val() whereever you want strictly numeric values (like in calculations)

In those cases where you strictly need a non-zero number, check if the value returned by val() is 0 or not and then proceed.