This is where netbeans is putting my class files. How do I get the apache tomecat 4.0 and JSP page to find these classes?


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Question is, do you have stand-alone instalation of Tomcat or you using the one provided with NetBeans?

If you have Tomcat instalation from NetBeans I can't help you.

However if you have stand-alone instalation then folder structure should be as follow: find where is Tomcat install on the hard disk. In Tomcat folder you will find webapps folder. Here you should create new folder for your project, lets call it MyProject.
Inside this folder on top level of your folder structure you will keep your html and jsp documents also you can have there images, css and other things but preferably you should put them in new folder and link them properly in your pages. Here should also be WEB-INF.
Inside WEB-INF you dhould have folder classes to keep there Java files, folder library for any libraries which you may want to use and are not part of standart instalation of Java or Tomcat and you should also have here web.xml which provide info about your project and keep project setting.
Inside folder classes should be another one or more subfolders which will keep your packages (beans) as necessary

C:\Tomcat5.5\webapps\MyProject (html, jsp)
C:\Tomcat5.5\webapps\MyProject\WEB-INF (web.xml)
C:\Tomcat5.5\webapps\MyProject\WEB-INF\classes (java files)
C:\Tomcat5.5\webapps\MyProject\WEB-INF\library (jar files)
C:\Tomcat5.5\webapps\MyProject\WEB-INF\classes\beans (java packages - beans)

Please note: This is the way how I use it and is working for me. If you know of better solution please let me know...

Thanks I have 4.0 installed on c:/ I will study this and see if I can apply it.