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I am having an .aspx page in which i have various HTML controls such as text boxes and buttons("OK" and "CLEAR" buttons).By default, when i press the "ENTER" key in my keyboard ,the "OK" button must get fired...But its not getting fired..I need to use the tab button to make that "OK" button get fired..How to make the "OK" button get fired without using the TAB key..? "
I use javacript for validation..Is there anything do with javascript in this regard..?



Just make your 'OK' button of type 'submit' and you should be good to go. Its probably the easiest way of achieving the desired task. Other options include capturing the keyboard event, checking whether a RETURN key has been pressed and handling it accordingly. This approach is best avoided unless you have some weird requirement in which you can't make the 'OK' button of type submit.


which company u r working for, where

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how can i disable/enable mouse right click options