HI i am beginner in PHP and really need some help

<title>My Variables HTML Form</title> 
<h4>My HTML Form</h4> 
function display()
	echo "you called display function";

function profile()
	echo "you called Profile function";

<form action="<?= $php_SELF ?>" method="POST">

        <input type="button" name="action" value="submitted" onClick="<? display() ?>" />
    <input type="button" name="submit" value="submit me!" onClick="<? profile() ?>" />



it could not work at all. what i want is to call the function according to what i have clicked.
how to solve my problem?


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You have to check which button is closed :

      if(isset($_POST['action'])) { display(); }

      if (isset($_POST['submit'])) { profile(); }


- Mitko Kostov


MitkOK is right with his code; but you have bigger problems before that:
- first of all, don't mix javascript function calls with php defined functions; get rid of those onClick="<? ....; those are javascript functions calls, but the functions you defined are php
- second: avoid using short open php tags (<?); use instead the long ones (<?php) that work on every server configuration;
Your code might work just fine without any correction (just with MitkOK addon code), but if you try to learn something here, than you should take the above into account.

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