Is there any standard code to capture ur current webpage as image ....
I've found one in php but that requires copying of new dll files to ur server...So if u r hosting ur website on some other server...U can't achieve that!!
Waiting for ur reply

I've got a code in java security remains the main issue to be dealt with If any one u want that code do ask me..

It would be nice if you could share your knowledge with others out there by posting the code in consideration in the code snippets section.

If this code exists, baddies could use it for security violations.

There is one way to capture the image of a web page, provided that all of it fits in your browser window.

- Hold down CTRL and press Print Screen.
- Open MS Paint and paste the image into the window.
- Cut out the part of the image that is not the browser controls.
- Select File / New
- Paste the cut out part in the window.
- Save the result as the file type you want.

I know this way. I want to show the thumbnail dynamically. Like the same way on this thread take a mouse on my website link you will get an idea.


The articles on this page should get your going.