Is there any standard code to capture ur current webpage as image ....
I've found one in php but that requires copying of new dll files to ur server...So if u r hosting ur website on some other server...U can't achieve that!!
Waiting for ur reply

I've got a code in java security remains the main issue to be dealt with If any one u want that code do ask me..

There is one way to capture the image of a web page, provided that all of it fits in your browser window.

- Hold down CTRL and press Print Screen.
- Open MS Paint and paste the image into the window.
- Cut out the part of the image that is not the browser controls.
- Select File / New
- Paste the cut out part in the window.
- Save the result as the file type you want.

I know this way. I want to show the thumbnail dynamically. Like the same way on this thread take a mouse on my website link you will get an idea.


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