Can anyone offer guidance on how to implementthe following:

I need to capture the browser window size and vertical scroll position. And then pass these variables into Flash every time the browser window is scrolled.

Thanks in advance.

I now have the above query working, but I need help with the following which is related.

I am using the following code to transfer info to Flash using Flash's ExternalInterface class.

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

function thisMovie(movieName) {
var isIE = navigator.appName.indexOf("Microsoft") != -1;
return (isIE) ? window[movieName] : document[movieName];

function makeCall(str,str2) {

// -->

The event handler is within the <Body> tag ie: onscroll = "javascript:makeCall()"

This works fine in FireFox and IE7 but will not work in IE6. Can I trigger the function without using the <Body> tag?

Thanks in advance!