Hello sir,

I m need of help regarding form validation using ajax.I need a sample code.It should be like when i have two text fields without entering the first one when i keep the mouse in to the second text box it should say in the red mark as in the right hand side of text box..

please help me

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->I need a help regarding form validation.
->when i click the submit without entering the first field,it must show star(*) like this.
->pls provide me the sample code.

Thank u.

<span id=fooerror style="color:red;"></span><input type=text name=foo id=foo onblur="if(this.value.length<1){document.getElementByID('fooerror').innerHTML='*';alert('Error\n I must learn the difference between asking for someone to help and asking for someone to do it for me.')}">
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