Hey, not sure if this is possible with PHP, but I thought I'd ask anyway. Is it possible to update values on an html page based on values being typed into an input box? For example. My table has three columns. Column 1 has an integer in it. Column two is a blank text input box. I would like column three to dynamically show the total of column 1 plus column 2. So whatever number you put in the box in column 2 would be automatically added to the number in column one, and show the total in column 3, without hitting a button or anything. Is this possible with html and php? If not, what would be the language best suited to accomplish this?


EDIT: Again, I search and search and search, and not until I post a question on the forum, do I find the answer. If you know of a way to do it with PHP, great, please share, but I thought I would share an example I found that will work great, using Javascript. See the example I found here. Just view the source to see the easy way they did it.

Just by using php and html it wouldn't be possible. However it would be possible using ajax and making calls back to the php script to get data. I'm not sure exactly how it works but thats the only way I can think of unless you use javascript like in your example.

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javascript is the simplest and easiest way.However,if you want to harden yourself,use AJAX.