I am totally new here ,this is my first project and i am trying to learn a lot of new things so pls be patience .

can some one pls help me in regards to tomcat server and jsp pls pls

It needs to be done urgently as i have to submit it by this fri or else the company will sue me .

After putting the login details and clicking the Go button on the homepage, find the error displayed in the attached error1.jpg file

After putting the registration details and clicking the submit button on the Registration page, find the error displayed in the attached error2.jpg file

i can send the error file by mail . i cannot see any place where i can upload the screen shot of the error file in here. but if some one give me his/her email i will mail you immediately

I would be really greatful if i get some assistance in solving this error as soon as possible

thanking you

Kind Regards


404 error is File Not Found. You need to learn the basics of Web Programming.

thanks , u r a great help

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