I am using Dreamweaver Tabbed Spry Panels
I get an error message on the pages in IE "style is null or not an object"

Does anyone know why this happens and how to fix the problem?

Could we see the line it reported the error in?


- You misspelled a style, class, or id at some point, so the stylesheet name doesn't match the name in the webpage code..

- You used a word for an IE built-in nonstandard style in another context.

- If you are using a strict doctype, you used a style attribute alone (e.g. 'checked') where it needs a value (e.g. 'checked=checked'). Lone attributes are not allowed in strict doctypes.

- You used " in a context where it needs to be " instead, causing the opening and closing of quotes to be out of sync.

- You put < in a style or a script.

Found out the problem.

I had the call to the script in the head and below the content invoking the script. Once I removed the script in the head the problem was resolved.


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