can any one guide me to buy which book for asp.net 2.0.
i heard of two books
step by step and other programmer to programmer by wrox
any have different suggestions
iam not a newbie ,i have some exp in asp.net with vb
r there any ebooks on asp.net
plz guide me
waiting for u r replies

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The microsoft ones in thier "Step By Step" Range (they have pictures of tools on the front) are very good, ive used them for C#, SQL, Windows Server.

Get step by step. Its a very good range, for introducing yourself to a language and has excellent source code examples and good writing style.


Personally I can't stand any Step By Step book that MS puts out. However, I do like the "Programming ASP.NET 2.0" book from Microsoft Press, and I agree with waterfall-- WROX books ROCK. Professional ASP.NET 2.0 is OUTSTANDING, in my opinion. Both books contain information in VB and C#, and they cover the entire "lifespan" of a page that you develop.

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