I am on my work placement where I have been given the job of developing the company's web based database. I am very confused as in university I have only learnt the basics and the company are expecting a lot more of me so I have been trying to teach myself. I am using Dreamweaver MX 2004, ASP.NET and SQL Server 2005.

I have a few questions and more will probably follow....

I am trying to create a small test site to test what I have learnt before I begin creating the actual site for the project. I cannot connect the site to the database! I cannot get the little + to become ushaded on the database panel so I can click it to add a database. I have went to control panel and created the connection and I have created the site etc but the little + will not appear!!! I think it may have something to do with when you have to enter the URL in the site definition window, whatever I enter here seems to be wrong, Dreamweaver ill not accept it. Any ideas?

Another problem I have come across was when i was planning my pages- can i search for something using a foreign key? the user will enter the customer id and the customer information will be displayed. I liked the idea of putting a few buttons on this page to enable the user to search for any orders, or enquiries made by this user but, that means searching using the customer id which is a foreign key in these tables not the order id or enquiry id. is this possible? if so how would i do this? or does anyone have any other ideas of how i would do this?

Another thing I am havig trouble with is, how to enter new fields into a table dynamically using asp.net?

Sorry about all the questions guys! but I am really confused!!!!! there seems to be so much more involved in this than i thought and the company keep coming up with more and more to put into it... its all a way over my head! HELP!!!

Thanks! :)


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