Hello Every body i have 6 yrs. of experience in designing but now i want to switch myself to developer. I have some questions and confusion in mind :

Which one is long term PHP or .net (which will be good for my career)
How to start ?

Pls. i request all my seniors to give me advice.

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PHP or .NET? Well, they are vastly different languages. The biggest difference that comes to mind is that PHP is typically Linux-oriented while .NET is a Windows language. .NET is also very object oriented while PHP allows you to define classes but doesn't require it (think C++).

Personally I favor PHP but it is very much so a personal choice.

First of all thnx for your suggestion and i also like Php.

Will you also guide me how can i start learning and what is the proper way to start and go......

I agree copmpletely with csgal.

I think it comes down to this.

PHP is overwhelmingly more popular than PHP, but .NET is very popular in large corporations.

IMHO, if you want to develop web sites for your clients, PHP is easily the better choice. If you want to work in an IT corporate environment, knowledge about .NET will land you a job much faster if you work in the USA.

I m a ner member. I have just started PHP. Will somebody help me and suggest some good books for this.

Which one is more long time runner PHP or .net

And how to start for .net or php. Pls guide me the proper way of starting learning these.

Don't go for .NET, i would say, go for PHP. (Take note that if you chose PHP, there's the latest version, PHP 5, so don't pick the wrong book) PHP has been pretty popular over the years, and now it has still remained so, and support is vast. (phpbuilder; w3schools; tizag) And all these are urls to free tutorials on the internet. For more advanced ones, you can always approach the books at your local library, else, approach some forums. There, they can or will provide you with the relevant links. Furthermore, php.net is the website where you can learn more about PHP and it's features, syntax as well.

many many thanx for your valuable suggestion but i have one question which one is long lasting php or .net

FYI:People always compare php and .net.First of all they are completely different.PHP is a programming language while .net is a framework.Compare PHP with languages such as ASP,ASP.NET,JSP.

Many thnx for guiding. Now can u pls. tell me what field should i choose to get good amount of salary and also long time Option i have : Asp.Net or Php


there are many things to compare,but when it comes to salary,Big companies frequently use ASP.Net,but when it comes to development,PHP is the best,no boundaries.After all,that's what programming is all about.DEVELOPMENT.

Many thnx for guiding. Now can u pls. tell me what field should i choose to get good amount of salary and also long time Option i have : Asp.Net or Php


If we discuss salary here, I would definitely say that an asp.net programmer gets a LOT MORE than a php programmer (thats in India,I don't know bout the rest of the world). Well, in my company, while I earn peanuts, .net programmers are looting the company !

But basically, it all comes down to what you like ! :)

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it depends on ur experience and place

ha ha ..... it seems to me that everyone is telling you what to go for and are unable to answer ur question. both php and asp.net are on a par in salary. therefore, if you want to choose i'd say php is ur option.....as everyone has said its de most popular one and more websites are being developed in that area. enjoy life

Many thnx for answering the actual question.

if u wana do job than should opt .net bt if u wana satup ur own wrk......u should do php..u could get some projects .....nd also a good amount......

Plus, .net goes where Microsoft wants it to go, where as PHP goes where the community wants it to go. I like the community.

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