There is probably an easy answer for this but I cant find it. I am based in the Uk and server is in the US. Differnce between server time and my time is 8 hours. When a customer order comes through it is in the US time and not mine, how can I change this. Also the date fromat is in mm/dd/yy how do I change this to dd/mm/yy.

Thanks on advance for anyones help.


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Lets see if I can remember this off the top of my head. If I'm wrong I hope someone will jump in and correct me.

Generally when the time is sent from the browser to the server it is done with the Now() function. In VB/ASP you can adjust the time by adding or subtracting from it. For example, tomorrow would be Now() + 1, last week would be Now() - 7.

To adjust the hours of the day you can use fractions. Now() - 1/24 was one hour ago, Now() + 8/24 will be 8 hours from now.

As for the date format, there is a function in VB that allows you to set your formats based on your Locale.


Here is a list of the LocaleIDs:

The locale group has to be installed on the Web server before its locale identifier can be specified in a Web page or application. Use the Regional and Language Options control panel application to install locale groups.

Good Luck!!

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