Hello everybody, I want to write an email to some one by php function... I mean Mail(....)
What may I write in the headers to send this message safety to another one...
I mean by using the (Cc)
Or (BCc).
So that is a querstion....

I have another question:
Can anyone tell me what is the difference between:
Cc and BCc? :-/
I wish if anyone has the answer that he gives me it.

$header = "From:info@daniweb.com";
$header.= "\r\nCC:info@daniweb.com";
$header.= "\r\nBCC:info@daniweb.com";
mail("yourname@yourdomain.com", $subject,  $message, $header);

The mail function works differently depending on whether using Linux or Windows. This example is for Windows. I'm not sure if it works on Linux but, I'm sure it would be similar.

CC is an old term for Carbon Copy. It used to be that if you gave someone a document, you would make a carbon copy for yourself as proof. Now it is used to send to others as witnesses that the message was sent. All recipients of the CC are visible in the message.

BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. It is the same as CC except for the fact that the recipient doesn't get to see who else got a copy of the document.

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yea... good question

Thank you very much for this answer