:rolleyes: nothig at all
I dont know what to do ? dont know anythig about PHp ?
To start my doing Php , what i need ? Do i have to install mySQL in my computer or anythig else ? Just tell me tools what i need to learn Php????

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step by step settings to setting up a windows web server.


w3schools guide to PHP


snippits section of PHP

this should help you get on your feet quite nicely . once you have finished installing your web server and reading through w3schools giude to PHP, check out the snippets section and see how PHP works, study the scripts and try to interpret what it should do. Try messing with the scripts, or purposefully making them not work, look to see what kind of errors you recieve and such. its all about the practice.

There is a software called FireServ (26 MB) which comes with a Windows based installer. This software will install AMPP (Apache, MySQL, PHP & PhpMyAdmin) on your windows based machine. It has a GUI control panel to start and stop the server. Do a google search to download the file.

If you have learned any programming language like C++ or Java or a scripting language like ASP, Perl then transition to PHP will not take much time.

My first PHP book was "PHP and MySQL Web Development" by Luke Welling and Laura Thomson.

Who should read this book

This book will teach you how to create interactive Web sites from the simplest order form through to complex secure e-commerce sites. What’s more, you’ll learn how to do it using Open Source technologies. This book is aimed at readers who already know at least the basics of HTML and have done some programming in a modern programming language before, but have not necessarily programmed for the Internet or used a relational database. If you are a beginning programmer, you should still find this book useful, but it might take you a little longer to digest. We’ve tried not to leave out any basic concepts, but we do cover them at speed. The typical reader of this book is someone who wants to master PHP and MySQL for the purpose of building a large or commercial Web site. You might already be working in another Web development language; if so, this book should get you up to speed quickly. We wrote this book because we were tired of finding books on PHP that were basically a function reference. These books are useful, but they don’t help when your boss or client has said “Go build me a shopping cart. We have done our best to make every example useful. Many of the code samples can be directly used in your Web site, and many others can be used with minor modifications.

first to work with php code you must start with


//your code here
echo " this my frist php code ";


try copy this code and paste into file then rename the file with *.php
you need apache server to run this sample.

any help submit me on wesam_software@yahoo.com

As YoungCoder stated, become familiar with http://www.php.net

You can search for functions, tutorials, and a vast
array of information provided through php.net.

My suggestion is to start with PHP 5.x and Mysql 4.x combo. No reason to start with (PHP) 4.3.x or (Mysql)
3.x.x at this point.

What are you looking to do with regard to PHP? Are you looking for database connectivity? Or are you just looking for some basic scripting options for a server?

Let me know what direction you are heading and I will be happy to break down code line by line for you to get you started. I know how it can be just starting out, I was at that place myself once.

Video tutorials:


But I am surprised at the no-bashing in this thread; usually, someone would have posted a venomous "go do your own searching on google" message by now... :puzzled:

There's no bashing because it was 5 YEARS AGO!!!!!!! It was a simpler time when people rarely bumped half-decade old threads

Oh my god, I am so sorry.... I just dunno how I came across such an old thread, I'll make it a point to check the dates from now... sorry again...

its good to start learn php, i'm also new to php and i started learn php .
first you need a web server to run php codes ,because php is a server side scripting language.
i use WAMP server , it can easily download and install to ur machine.

then follow the www.homeandlearn.co.uk site to php tutorials . it contain a good php tutorial.

after following the basics u can start coding.
u can use any editor software to code,
ex : notepad, wordpad, editplus ,,etc

after write ur code save that file in folder called www in c:\wamp
(where u installed wamp server)

then start IE/firefox and give this in the address bar

http://localhost/your php file name.php
and click go/press enter key.

your output will display in browser as aweb page.

hello guys!
I am also a newbie in php. I installed XAMPP installer on my machine and followed the instructions as closely as I could (it was written in english language! lol). I could get my apache, mysql servers up and running with the appropriate test page. but it would refuse to recognise anything written in codes other than html.

I have tried every thing I know(apparently not much :P ) and no show.
So till now I have not been able to run the "legendary" hello world app in php. Heeeeeeelp!!!!!:icon_cheesygrin:

ok,dont worry...if u installed XAMPP you have to save ur php files in a folder named "htdocs" in c:\programme files\xampp\htdocs then load the web browser and type http://localhost/your php file name.php

u will definitly view your starting HELLO WORLD app

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ok,dont worry...if u installed XAMPP you have to save ur php files in a folder named "htdocs" in c:\programme files\xampp\htdocs then load the web browser and type http://localhost/your php file name.php

u will definitly view your starting HELLO WORLD app

>u will definitly view your starting HELLO WORLD app

Thanks for the emphasis:) It really helped me take another look at the ground I thot I had covered. I found out that in using notepad to edit my "hello world" app I had inadvertently saved the file as "test.php.txt" hence the webserver could not understand the file and thus in following the instruction of situating the file in httpdocs I had a wrong file extention. OTHER NOOBS TAKE NOTE PLS!!;)