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Hi I am trying to provide access to a folder of photos. The website is Unix based so I can change permissions. I am using WISE-FTP 8 as my FTP program. I created a directory on the server and intend to upload about 40 photos to it. I uploaded one …

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The recently revised Facebook community standards page states that the social network is on a mission "to give people the power to share and make the world more open" however it appears that it may have been giving the wrong people the power to share stuff you thought was private. …

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anyone could give me the code with function like below link, http://www.modcloth.com/shop/beauty/thebalm-natural-instincts-eyeshadow-palette I have mutiple photoes in one page, would like to display photo when the mouse is over it, the enlarged photo should in a fix position, and when the mouse leave the photo, the enlarged picture disappeared. thanks,

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I have this code it uploads photos and deletes photos, but how can i make it to upload photos in a folder i want not in the same folder where the script is, i just can't see where can i implement the path. Here's the whole code: <?php /** * …

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Hello,everyone!I am trying to sync my photos to my iphone. In itunes, I am able to check the box to sync, then check to sync a particular folder. After that I have tried clicking on Apply AND File>Sync iphone and then the photo box will gray out and the photos …

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Hi I am using Lytebox v3.22 and I am trying to find a way to add a link on the popup. At present the link only appears on the thumbs page and is only dimly visible when a popup image is selected. I am using document.write. Although clicking on any …

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I have a lot photos and videos taken before, now I want to create a video with these files, can someone recommand me an ingenious software with is easy to use but not expensive?

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Hi there, I would just like to know if anybody here knows of websites that offer royalty free photos? Free, royalty free photos. I've looked at sites like iStock.com but one still has to pay like $1 or something stupid, otherwise the photos has ugly iStock watermarks over... Looking for …

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I found out some years ago that some woods will actually fluoresce under UV light and that I can photograph that glow. In fact, I estimate over 10$ of the 3,000+ actual wood species samples I have glow under black light. I have worked on for some time the TAXA …

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Hey guys. I'm working on a simple hangman program. I got the core engine down working in a command prompt, and now I'm making it using classes and a GUI. I'm using tkinter. Anyway, everything works with no error, but the image is not displaying at all. Here is the …

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Hi, I am trying to make a simple php photo gallery, I have this code, but the only problem is that the photos appear in a random order. How can I get the photos to appear alphabetically or numerically? [CODE]<?php if ($handle = opendir('photos/')) { while (false !== ($file = …

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Gentlemen, your suspicions have been confirmed - your lady/girlfriend/wife [I]is[/I] addicted to Facebook. [ATTACH=right]15821[/ATTACH]That's the finding in a new survey of 18-to-34-year-old ladies by Oxygen Media (think Oprah). It found that over a third of the 1600 women polled - 39% to be exact - describe themselves as "addicted" to …

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Hi guys, I'm trying to UPDATE the image that has been already in the database with another image using a form in PHP. I got the uploading working all fine already. Just the edit part. With this code, I get no error, but the MySQL table is not written with …


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