Acer Aspire, wearing Win7, everythings' current, etc. factory hardware - nothing remarkable. 250GB hard drive. 68 % free space still.

I have a heap (more than 35,000) photos spread all over this thing in such nasty order. Some are work related, most are one grandchild or another or family set, and I did a bad and took a batch off hubby's machine to do some repair work (and not risk ''losing'') and where I had Put hubby's (under Public pics named the folder as* his* - instead of my user name) and then a large Folder with some off dgtrs' machine during a repair - in a seperate 'folder' under Public pcs and now it appears that all of them all have batched together in the 'general' Library "Pictures'' and are gradually populating over into my user name pictures folder too ???

Is there (besides the drop down that gives you 'date, tag, name, etc" ) any easier way to sort & seperate these into Proper filing order so His are still gathered ONE folder, hers are still gathered One diff. folder, and my own stay all by them selves ???
I hate the thought of doing this all in a check 'em out, pick 'em out drag and drop !!!
Thanks in advance.

thank you, but yes, had tried that a while back. yeppy, not much help for this mess. LOL

yeah i thinks its a manual job ,mine are a mess now too