I was browsing my computer and in my temp folder, I found 10 photos of me taken without my consent. The names are:
out_00, out_01 and the files contain photos of me taken without me knowing. Also, in the lower right, it says:
2013-5-26, 16:55:08

There are over 10 photos with that format taken all on that one day, I think those photos were taken within a couple of hours apart from eachother.

So, I am wondering, who is spying on me? My anti-virus software does not detect anything, but these photos were not taken by me. They are just sitting in the temp folder.

I am worried that I am being spied on right now.

Anyone got any advice?

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Are they obviously taken with your computer webcam, or are they from some other source? If you can tell from the backgrounds that your computer webcam was used, then you can assume you have been seriously hacked and someone is monitoring you, possibly in real time!


I am sure it was from my webcam, and the light does show when it is in use, but it did not show the light on that day. The images are only 10min-hour apart and happened through out that day.

My anti virus never detected anything, so I assume this is a out in the wild virus. I hope it gets detected, but I do not know what to do in the mean time.

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Easiest interim method to stop this is a bit of sticky tape over the webcam. Instant on, and instant visibility off...


Some of these webcams also have built in microphones. I'd suggest you consider unplugging the webcam altogether.


i would have my laptop wiped of the OS and returned to factory default ASAP.
back up important data first .


What am I supposed to do if the webcam is built into my laptop screen?

Also, I don't have a windows 7 disk, I would have to use the HP restore which restores to a previous state.

Should I restore my computer?
Or should I cover my camera but hope the person does not listen to what I am doing?
I don't know

EDIT: I think I will restore to factory settings.
EDIT2: I don't want to restore, I thought it over. I was wondering if there was a way to disable my webcam on my laptop, because I have a webcam that plugs in via usb and I can plug that in and use that instead.

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I'd also recommend a reset if you feel your computer has been compromised only because if it is then we can assume that any web cam or media device connected could be controlled. Most likely the built in cam is connected USB internally as well.

If you simply want to disable it, you should be able to from Device Manager.

We don't know if your computer is compromised or if those pictures were taken by someone by you maybe using an app of some sort, by accident...

In my case, any time my PC is infected, I wipe it clean just to be safe. But that works for me because I don't have a lot of apps and I backup my data nightly so a restore is very easy for me.

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