I would like to copy (burn) photos stored in My Pictures folder onto blank CD-R discs but have never done this before and need a little advice. I have a CD-RW drive and I also have Nero StartSmart (Nero 7 Essentials) software installed which I understand is capable of copying photos to CD-R's. I am unfamiliar with CD-R's but I understand that once data has been copied to a CD-R it cannot be erased. Here is my question: once I start adding photos to one CD-R disc, do I need to fill the disk at that one session, or can I come back and use that same CD-R disk again at a later time to add more photos until the disk is full? A friend tells me Windows XP also helps copy photos to CD-R's so I don't just have to use Nero. I'm choosing to use CD-R's because I have a bunch of blank discs that need to be used. Thanks in advance for your input. Any suggestions will be welcomed.


My PC is an Intel Pentium 3 with 999 MHz, 384 MB RAM, and runs Windows XP Pro SP3.

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You can't copy now and then later again. You must have a re-writable CD for that


Cross is correct you will need a CD-RW in order to rewrite not just a CD-R. If you decided to get new disks I would be careful with open sessions I have had problems with accessing data on a disk that was not finalized. I also wouldn't recommend a CD be your primary long term backup device, I personally use USB drives they are rather inexpensive now.

Food for thought: http://blog.premiumusb.com/2011/02/usb-flash-drives-for-long-term-data-backup/



A couple of comments from someone who had created a couple hundred CD's over the years.

1. Use the CD-R's and fill them with photos based on a common date or theme. Do not attempt to write more than once to a CD. It may work but the chances of reading it in another CD-ROM drive are slim to none.

2. Use NERO as opposed to the built in Windows Burner for one important reason. You can set NERO to burn at the slowest speed for the disk you are using. This will give you a better chance of being able to read the CD in another CD-ROM Drive. If you think about it a quickly scribbled note you write is harder for anyone else to read than if you took your time and wrote it slowly. The option for the speed can be found by opening a tab on the left side of the screen where the BURN button is located.

3. Do not fill the disk completely or go above the green zone. Some files may not read in other computers.

4. Try the first CD you make on another computer to be sure you are doing it right and that it works. Burning 10 CDs with nothing on them can really go through some money fast... not to mention piss you off.

5. Store the CD's in a sleeve or case. Storing them on the old spindle means that they can spin around and scratch each other making them unreadable. If a CD does not read the first thing to do is clean it with water and a soft cloth, completely drying it and try again or try another drive.

Rodney's rules for backups (corollary to Murphy's Law):
If you have only one it is corrupt.
If you have 2 you will never need them or they are corrupt on the same file...
How often should you make a backup? How much do you want to type back in if the computer fails???
Good luck with your files.

Whether you can read your multisession discs on another drive seems to come down to the quality of the drive you use to burn.
Nero and multisession burns... works just fine, to allow you to add files [pics] in another session, however you must make sure you are actually ADDING to the previous session otherwise you start a new session and will require software like Isobuster etc to see files on a previous track - make sure Nero shows you the files you have previously burned, and so can add to them. Nero Express interface may be easier for you.

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