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Hi friends i am working for an shopping cart using php script, i placed a drop down option to display currency rate as per user selection(INR and USD). By default it will display all the price in INR, if any user select USD, then it has to show all the …

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Hi, I am wondering if there is any easy way to up the frame rate of a pygame program. For example locking the frame rate? I don't know. Thanks in advance! 26BM

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Hi everyone - I am helping to build a website for a good friend of mine & we are adding into the website an easy to read conversion rate. The only problem we have at the moment is the value is being displayed incorrectly. for instance - If the website …

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Hope you guys heard about bounce rate. My question is i'm having 73% of bounce rate, I know this is bad but will this affect the impression on google ? Please clarify me.

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Well i have two questions here:- 1. If f(n) is function whose growth rate is to be found then, Is for all three notations will the g(n) be same, like for f(n)=O(g(n)) and similaraly for omega and theta ? 2. Theta notation is "omega and Oh" if in some case …

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The program should calculate the average of the values stored in the [B]rates[/B] array. It then should display the average rate on the screen. Display the average with two decimal places. Complete the program using the [B]for [/B]statement. Save and then run the program. Complete the program and also have …

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Complete TRY THIS Exercise 1, and then modify the IPO chart information and C++ instructions so that the commission rate will always be 10%. How is commission rate set to 10% always? <writing instruction> IPO Chart Inforomation C++ Instructions Input sale1 double sale1 = 0.0; sale2 double sale2 = 0.0; …

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Hi, in a Java Applet there the keys control movement, I have a couple of questions (sorry for the disorganized nature of multi-item requests). 1.[CODE=C] if (key=KeyEvent.VK_RIGHT) { x++; } [/CODE] But, as you might have guessed by this post's title, the movement delays before continuing its motion, as a …

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* 82.21% - Bounce Rate, * 00:01:15 - Avg. Time on Site, * 73.58% - % New Visits - This is the statistics of my website prepareinterview.com for the past two months. I am including more information to my website, but I don't know why my website has this much …

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