I don't know, what do you think about my question. Yes, this is one of my crucial issue that I'm going to feel, now. What do you think, social media platforms can cause to increase website's bounce rate? and How? What is the best solution of this problem?

Your website's bounce rate is a metric that indicates the percentage of people who land on one of your web pages and then leave without clicking to anywhere else on your website -- in other words, single-page visitors.

The most common bounce I see is when you click on a link and it turns out to be a spam link. If you are posting links and they are irrelevant then I bounce.

I appriciate you, rproffitt! We know all that social media platforms are open for all types of user, Commonly and help them network, share, promote etc. What do you think, Is it possible to take a proper awareness of relevance in Social Media?

I'm going with no. And it's for the reason I noted. So many use that avenue to spam and the few times I did click it was spam instead of the article or topic they claimed it to be.

If you spam or mis-represent then folk bounce. It's that simple.

Bounce rate might not be a terrible thing, depending on the site. I would guess that my and most people's Stack Overflow bounce rate is fairly high, but that's from a search engine, not social media. Google "makefile no rule to make gcc" or something similar and the first half dozen hits are all Stack Overflow and they generally get right to the point in the one link, solving your problem, which leads to a high bounce rate in a good way. Stack Overflow (as opposed to, say, Daniweb, which has a different model) is DESIGNED to do precisely that. I imagine they would have an emergency meeting to discuss what was going wrong if they found out they had a LOW bounce rate.

So bounce rates from search engines can be high without being spam or useless links. I think also think bounce rate by the linked definition can be misleading. At least it is the way I do it. Often I'll bookmark a site or a blog or whatever, but I'll use Google and a search term and specify the site and go directly from the results on Google. Seems that would result in an abnormally high bounce rate since I'm going from google.com every single time and it's definitely not a spam site since I'm specifying the site I want. High bounce rate doesn't automatically equate to spam, though it often does.

Bounce rates from Social Media, different story. I'm with rproffitt on that one. Those are usually the "Lose 50 pounds in one week with one abdominal exercise" click-bait bounce links. No one links "Divide by zero runtime error" on Facebook. How, and whether, to link from Social Media or anywhere else, will depend on the website and the goals of the site. If you're selling something rather generic and low-priced, you want lots of hits and a "bounce" is still a hit. If your goal is quality and long-term visitors, the last thing you want is the riff-raff finding your site through spam links, particularly if you have a Comments section.

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