I am having two sites. Site A gets a 40% click through rate while site B gets only 10% at best click through Rate.

I have tried many layouts and ads to increase the Click Through Rate but I have failed. Is there a site which can teach me how to increase this ?


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How about traffic? if you increase your site traffic automatically click through will improve.

yes but getting more traffic takes more energy and time I wud guess its easier to improve click through rate on the site.

yes but getting more traffic takes more energy and time I wud guess its easier to improve click through rate on the site.

UUUMMMMM... NO!!! They go hand in hand. If you want to increase the CTR for your Ads you need to bring more traffic to your site, simple as that. Maybe you should try optimizing in order to increase traffic to the site, and in return you'll increase the CTR. You certainly can not do one without the other. Actually you can but IT will be extremely uphill.

My site's traffic is increasing day by day. I was wondering if I can learn from somewhere to improve the CTR percentage too.

Click through rate, means people clicking your link. Inorder to increase this you need to make your link description more appealing, Optimising your keywords to suit target audience. Think in your target audiences feet, what would make you want to click this link, i suggest promoting the feautres of your service or product or blog.

%40 and %10 are great click through rates

From the stats you provided, it seems your account is performing well. Your Account CTR is more than 5% which is considered to be very good.

yes you need to increase your traffics and automatically your clicks can improve.
you need to get more and more backlinks for your website and trying to achieve your targeted keywords top ranking so definitely your website traffics can increase and clicks also.

Try to do update your website daily and do these pages social bookmarks submission and article submission, these both way are giving you more traffics.

Hi Guy's

I am Balu Form USA In my view

first thing You will build website user friendly,like good design related content highlight your Services or offers and request form

Second one we will Target right customers like Organic Listing or PPC

Differently we will get best click through Rate

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I am having two sites. Site A gets a 40% click through rate while site B gets only 10% at best click through Rate.

I have tried many layouts and ads to increase the Click Through Rate but I have failed. Is there a site which can teach me how to increase this ?


Hi. I'm new here today. Found the sight by accident. Looked interesting.

The easiest way to drive traffic to your site, is to drive it there before you even build it. This means that a bit of homework should be done prior to any online campaign venture. Keyword homework. If you've already started your online marketing journey, then other understandings apply, but there is better; much better.

You better sit down to this, because I doubt very seriously if you've heard things explained in the manner of which you're about to read.

You probably already know this but let's go over it again: Keywords Equal Traffic Equals Rank Equals Traffic. These underlined terms are interchangeable.

There are a number of ways to increase traffic to your site, however, this requires a bit of comprehensive understanding.

First be aware that the majority of traffic is keyword driven, though, that doesn't have to be so. It all depends on your marketing strategy preference, which I don't know.

For instance: certain article marketing strategy doesn't require top level backlink ranking, wherein you really wouldn't be too concerned about the ranking of a particular competitive niche page or it's domain for that matter. Your concern would be the keyword strength and optimization of the article.

Next understand that keywords are electromagnetic, with qualities much like those of the planet you're living on. The electric quality speaks directly to the command actions of the machines, of which the keyword community lives, interacts and performs motive task in lieu of requested human query and desire.

The magnetic quality aspect of keywords, enables the principles, philosophies and desires of us user interface interacting humans, to translate chosen feature properties of any given keyword, into attracting directive traffic magnets. Us humans decide what traffic-cop direction to empower the keywords with, in order to satisfy requirements that keywords are mandated to adhere too.

It's through the keywords that we give website visitor traffic its direction, to specifically travel towards a chosen destination or marketplace, like to the place that is presenting what it is that you have to offer. Can you say, pre-qualified traffic?

Now, Pay Very Close Attention To This paragraph.
You have the option of generating backlink rankings for your web page, which will increase your traffic. Ultimately what you want, is to give yourself hosting problems, due to too much traffic dynamic. In other words, you want enough traffic to cause your host to crash, or at least traffic volumes in that direction. You want this because you do know, just as others have said earlier during your online evolution, traffic equals greater income. You want this condition.

This can be done, through implementing a synchronized combined campaign effort. You WILL enhance your visitor traffic stream, by simultaneously utilizing deep seated, commercially valued, volume buying traffic, keyword postings, through blog syndication, article syndication, RSS feed syndication, social network syndication, and video syndication of the keyword rich content and the like.

You will combine these efforts with underestimated classified ads, and Google adsense contextual advertising, which can place banners or buttons directly on webpages that people are seeking, as well as use smartly constructed link banner ad campaigns.

You also have the option of enhancing the content contained within your website. A traffic increase enhancement happens, because of the value market demand items your site contains. Again, the right keywords can broadcast the presence of any increased value items you have added to your niche destination or domain.

Believe me, there's more than one way to skin a cat, and there's more than one traffic generating strategy. By the way, I've never generated any significant money through online efforts. I just happen to have a need to generate money through my forthcoming income producing profit keeping online efforts now. My health went south and I show the disability of MS. The wheel chair has my lower torso; stiffness has got the rest of my concern, but the brain is off the chart. Go figure...

So, you might ask, what qualifies me to even write this stuff. I just happen to know money, due to my past as a financial engineer and financial broker. I Know Money; Real Money And How It Works. Through my humble life experience, I am fortunate enough to know financial systems, internet strategy, human psychology, machine protocol behavior, neural network behavior, and more. And yes, I am an analytical researcher; financial and otherwise. The otherwise concerns itself with being an Ecommerce Online Internet Marketing Traffic Broker.

That's my story; hope this information helps.

Aatyum aka: Tom Garris


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