Hello Guys,

I have a new webmaster and web development blog and I was looking for advice on Do's and Don'ts of search engine optimisation for webmaster related blogs.

What are your personal experiences ? What techniques have you used in the past which were succesful ?

Thanks in advance for all your comments and suggestions.

Best Regards,

There really aren't a short list of do's and don'ts. Read Google's official webmaster blog for starters. Read SEObook.com for ideas (good ebook for getting your feet wet). Not sure what else to suggest ...

Content is king. Great unique content. Clean HTML code. Don't spam other sites. Keep it clean. Keep it simple. Start a blog or some other way of having frequently updated unique content that people are naturally going to want to link to (aka link bait) ...

One tip would be to ensure your content is easily readable - too many people write based on keyword density & you can tell by the stilted sentences or pages that start with the keyword as a question, etc. Totally agree - content is always king. Esp since you're talking about a site for webmasters, make sure you know what you're saying!!

Tracking your website statistics is the best way to track your SEO and know if your SEO efforts are bringing the desired results. Basic statistics are included in most hosting packages, or you can check out Google Analytics.


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