I have been waiting all week for my Google Webmaster Tools to sync with the Googlebot but still no information is appearing. Does anybody here know how long it takes for a website to sync from Googlebot to Google Webmaster Tools?
Thank you.

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I don't have the idea about this. waiting for the answer.

I don't have the idea about this. waiting for the answer.

Do you mean you don't understand me or need me to further explain? If so then here it is.
My site I have registered on Google Webmaster Tools and on Google Webmaster Tools you should be able to get statistics about google's bot scanning your site. And yes my site has just recently been scanned. But when I log into Google Webmaster Tools it says No data available. Google's answer is that Google Webmaster Tools isn't always in sync with the google bot so that is why I ask how long it takes to sync.

Sometimes google take a while to crawl. Have you resubmitted you site/sitemap? How long have you been waiting?

Took a while but most of the dials have now appeared on my google webmasters panel. I shall now mark this as solved.

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